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RHM launches RightHere Messenger!

GINSMS' mobile advertising and apps arm, Right Here Media, proudly presents to you our very own Instant Messenging app: RightHere Messenger!

RightHere Messenger is one of the most personalised smartphone messengers that provides you with fun, customisable themes and wallpapers. It even provides you with promotions that are near you.


  1. Personalise your chat with different themes and wallpapers.
  2. Chat reliably, securely and instantly.
  3. Snap a photo and share it with friends.
  4. Broadcast a piece of good news to all your contacts.
  5. Create group chats among friends and colleagues who share the same interest.
  6. Send free stickers to friends.
  7. Check out promotions near you.
  8. Discover interesting communities at the Channels Market. Follow and interact with the channels that you like, or even create your own to build your community!

RightHere Messenger is available on Android Google Play and Apple AppStore, go check it out now!