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What do you think about Google’s new AdWords strategy?

Google AdWords has rolled out a new functionality called Enhanced Campaigns. It aims to simplify AdWords by enabling marketers to set up and manage separate campaigns across all devices based on their location, time of day and device type from the same location. However, at the same time, Google is removing the device targeting functionality that is currently available.

Here are some key points from the article (Will Google’s new AdWords strategy do more harm than good on mobile?):

  • Advertisers will no longer be able to target or exclude devices at the campaign level. All keywords will trigger ads across all devices.
  • As a result, a smartphone only strategy is not an option and advertisers who do not have a smartphone strategy could find themselves serving ads on smartphones unintentionally, which could mean a lot of ads being served in mobile that do not have the mobile user in mind.
  • “Marketers will have to develop landing pages for the 'lowest common denominator' since they will not easily be able to target specific devices - so no Flash - as it won't work on iOS - no custom creative for a tablet experience as you can't address the device directly in the new AdWords world,” Human Demand’s Mr. Schwartz said. “This is a big mistake."

This development certainly leaves spaces for other mobile advertising players to play a bigger role.